AR500 Plate Rack (Non-Remote Reset)

Target Diameter
  • Targets, mounts, and leg brackets all CNC Laser cut AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • Can be mounted above the 2x4 if you want to see them fall or below the 2x4 if you want to see them move but not have to reset them
  • Comes with everything needed except for the 2x4 crossmember and pipe for the legs
  • This package includes
  • All you need to supply is the 2x4 cross member and the 3/4" conduit legs

    This is a bit of a unique target that spans the gap between our "Poor Mans Plate Rack" and a full fledged remotely resetable plate rack. It's an excellent target if you like the functionality of a plate rack without the desire to take out a loan to pay for one!

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      Great Quality Targets

      I was looking around the web for steel targets and came across Atlas. Awesome that they are built right here in South Dakota. Really reasonably priced and great quality. Highly recommended to anyone looking to shoot steel.

      The Whole Shabang...

      So glad i found Brad's website. Me and my family purchased 12 targets from him and love it.. Communication and shipping was fast! We will be adding more pieces to come from Atlas in the near future

      Beautiful Targets!

      Haven't shot yet but these are built like a brick you-know-what. The part that is welded has an overlapping metal structure and the welds look beautiful. I purchased a shooting rack from another company years ago and the welds looked poor and that rack fell apart at the welds after 3 years of use. I think these will last a LONG time!

      Great Stuff

      Really fun to shoot. Built well, easy to tear down and take with you, which is nice. Also like that these can work hanging, or set upright to tip over. Was a first timer to steel targets, and they really are a blast to shoot. Would recommend them to anyone wanting to try steel targets.

      Only goes "ting" when you hit it...

      They arrived and I put them together without issue and gave this product an initial rating of 16 stars. I was quite disappointed that Brad didn't send a photo of his face for me to shoot at (-3 stars). Overall I find these targets aesthetic and very durable, however they don't go "ting" every time i shoot at them, only when you actually hit them...which is disappointing (-8 stars). As a result I am forced to only give this rack a 5-star rating. If Brad can just fix the intermittent "ting" problem and this will make a really solid product.