AR500 Plate Rack (Non-Remote Reset)

  • Targets, mounts, and leg brackets all CNC Laser cut AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • Can be mounted above the 2x4 if you want to see them fall or below the 2x4 if you want to see them move but not have to reset them
  • Comes with everything needed except for the 2x4 crossmember and pipe for the legs
  • This package includes

This is a bit of a unique target that spans the gap between our "Poor Mans Plate Rack" and a full fledged remotely resetable plate rack. It's an excellent target if you like the functionality of a plate rack without the desire to take out a loan to pay for one!

    Customer Reviews

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    i love it so far the only problem is that the 9 mm 124 gr doesnt knock the plate over unless you hit the very top The plates may be tilting too far forward do you have any suggestions

    Thanks for the feedback Joseph. I typically shoot 115 grains and although a real low hit wont flip it back it doesn't sound like I've had the same problem. I've never tried this but in theory you should be able to cut your front conduit legs a little longer so the entire target is angled back more which should make it easier to flip the targets. Best guess is start witht he front legs 6' longer. I'll play around with mine and see if I can't get a solid # for you.
    Great price for quality product

    Very nice product as with all atlas stuff I use atlas for our 3gun targets for our matches at white horse in West Virginia everything product we have used holds up well and functions perfect. Great work by atlas.