AR500 Squirrel

  • CNC Laser cut AR500 or 1/4" AR400 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • One 1/2" square mounting hole
  • Target measures 10-3/4" x 7"
  • Target does NOT come painted
  • Compatible mounts (not included)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    T. T.
    Squirrel Steel

    Quick shipment, reasonable cost. My third animal target from Atlas, they all work great. The design and balance enables this target to hang freely from one hanger. I have found that there is no better marksmanship training to prepare for a hunt than shooting at realistic and accurately sized animal targets of the game you are hunting. I use the Woodchuck, Coyote, and now the Squirrel targets from Atlas, which I have found is the best for value and quality.

    Tanner cole
    Only place I'll buy from

    I bought a Squirrel and was slightly concerned with the bolt hole placement. He reassured me that if anything happened he would make it right. Well fast forward a year or so with atleast 1000 rounds or more on that Squirrel. It developed a Crack in the bolt hole. I sent him a picture and without asking for anything other then my name he sent a brand new Squirrel in its place. If that isn't the best customer service then idk what is. I will only buy my targets from here on out and hope I can convince him to make me a custom set.

    Arthur Carlisle

    Nice cuts no sharp edges

    Duane B.
    Squirrel won’t die

    I’ve shot everything up to .308 at this dang squirrel and he just doesn’t die, and the bunny is just as tough. 😂. Both are on the T-Post hangers and have been hit many times with multiple calibers. They make great 100yrd targets shooting .22 suppressed. Hearing the hit is very satisfying. I see more Atlas targets in the future.

    Mike S.
    Pain in the.....

    Love it. Of my gong set, its the only one I have problems hitting. Hate shooting at it. Rings great when hit, durable, hangs straight etc. Wont get much squirrel meat if I keep hitting the damn tail or missing altogether.