AR500 Squirrel

  • CNC Laser cut AR500 or 1/4" AR400 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • One 1/2" square mounting hole
  • Target measures 10-3/4" x 7"
  • Target does NOT come painted
  • Compatible mounts (not included)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 37 reviews
    MacGyver Buck
    Daughter loves It

    Got it to give my daughter a shape of what she wants to hunt. Fits the bill about the size of a fox squirrel.

    Kenny Brannon
    Love it

    Still going strong after a couple years.Was a gift from a buddy.I love squirrel hunting so this is my favorite target to shoot.

    Timothy Knea

    Painted the Target Brown to copy our resident pests....Placed it 4" above ground with some tall grass around Target...Awesome sound from hits with a 10-22 at 25-50 yards. I shot 100 rounds the first day all shots were kill hits and the painted area showed all body shots. Some misses beween 30-50 yards but that was me.

    I am very satisfied and will become a regular purchase will be the bore target for my long range rifles.

    Thank you!

    T. T.
    Squirrel Steel

    Quick shipment, reasonable cost. My third animal target from Atlas, they all work great. The design and balance enables this target to hang freely from one hanger. I have found that there is no better marksmanship training to prepare for a hunt than shooting at realistic and accurately sized animal targets of the game you are hunting. I use the Woodchuck, Coyote, and now the Squirrel targets from Atlas, which I have found is the best for value and quality.

    Tanner cole
    Only place I'll buy from

    I bought a Squirrel and was slightly concerned with the bolt hole placement. He reassured me that if anything happened he would make it right. Well fast forward a year or so with atleast 1000 rounds or more on that Squirrel. It developed a Crack in the bolt hole. I sent him a picture and without asking for anything other then my name he sent a brand new Squirrel in its place. If that isn't the best customer service then idk what is. I will only buy my targets from here on out and hope I can convince him to make me a custom set.