3D Printed SK/Lapua Rimfire Ammo Case

Print yourself or buy from Atlas?
  • 3D Printed Rimfire Ammo Case designed to hold the plastic containers SK/Lapua ammunition comes in.
  • Color-coded to match your favorite ammo type so you don't get things mixed up
  • The lid is reversible so you can easily get to all of your ammo and slotted so you can see how much you have left
  • 3D Printing Notes
    • See product photos for print orientation
    • Print without supports
    • Glue in 1/2"x1/8" Neodymium magnets but make sure the polarity is correct so the lid holds properly on both sides (These are the ones I use)

Please note that these are only designed to work with the plastic trays that SK and Lapua .22LR ammo comes in. 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews
    Ryan G
    Great quality product.

    I bought this ammo holder because I didn't think the metal one that most people know of was really worth the $.
    It snaps closed and stays closed because of the magnet. Its solid and feels like it should cost more than it does. I bought two and I think the quality of each is great. The biggest positive surprise is that the lid can slide on either direction so you can access box #1 or box #2 in the tray.

    Tyler Ciaschi
    Awesome product!

    I don't do reviews, but I wanted to write something for this because I think it was so cool that Atlas gives the file away for free. I had a bunch of guys ask about it and they took the name down to find it. I think you'll have a few sales from just me having this case with me. Rock on and thanks again!

    Amazing design

    Amazing design, works great for the SK ammo. many thanks to Brad for making his design available for free

    Love it. Thanks!

    Works perfectly. Thanks!

    Tom D’Amico
    Perfect case

    The case does a perfect job holding your ammo and removing ammo is a breeze. The owner is very responsive and gets back to you very quickly to address any questions you have.The case is made here in U.S so buy with confidence you are getting a great product and supporting a really nice guy..