Know Your Limits (KYL) Target - Rimfire


1 week (or less) lead time before this ships. I'm working on making more!

  • CNC Laser cut 3/8" AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
    • Target Sizes: 2" - 1.75" - 1.5" - 1.25" - 1" - .75" - .5" - .25"
    • The kit comes with everything you need except (5) 2.5' lengths of 3/4" EMT Conduit or 3/4" Black Pipe.
    • Targets do NOT come painted

    You engage a KYL target by starting with the largest target and shooting each subsequently smaller target gaining points for each target struck. You can stop at any target to keep the points you've earned. The catch is that if you miss, you lose all your points. To get as many points as possible you need to... wait for it... know your limits.

    Additional Note: Every other KYL design I've seen uses 1/4" material and in my pursuit to design the perfect KYL target I've found that it's impossible to make one with 1/4" thick material that won't bend with very little use. Previously, I solved this problem by using a design that I had to tig weld the round target onto the hanger, and although it worked great for quite some time, after heavy use the welds start to fail.  This design using 3/8" AR500 is the ultimate in functionality and more importantly reliability, so you can enjoy this target for many years to come!

    Customer Reviews

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    Probably The Best Made KYL Target Available!

    Because I have several of Brad's other targets I figured that his KYL target would be built to last. Still I looked at several others online before I decided to by Brad's. My order arrived quickly and in great shape. This was my fourth order from Brad and it always amazes me the attention that goes into packaging. I'm really impressed with the manufacturing and design of this target, especially the way that the target is welded to the hanger. There must be several easier and quicker ways to join the target and hanger together, but I doubt that there are any others that are as strong or stronger than they way that Brad decided to do it. That's what I've come to expect from Atlas Target and that's why I keep purchasing Brad's products.

    The weather here hasn't been cooperating with my schedule so I can't tell you how much fun that I've had with the target, but I'm sure that it won't disappoint me.

    Jason Nedved
    .22 KYL

    I have had this set up outside for two years now. It gets dragged around from spot to spot, used for practice and it matches. I have never had any issues.

    Jack Cates

    Nice unit. Separates recreational guns from true target guns

    Atlas KYL Target - Exceptional Quality

    A great design and manufactured exceptionally well. It should last a lifetime. Great packaging too.
    Thanks for the attention to detail.

    Top Quality Hand Made

    I thought the price was a bit high when I bought it, but I gave the benefit of the doubt because this is my third or fourth order from Atlas and I have not been disappointed. A set of diminishing sized targets is a really fun idea, and we loved it. The target set turned out to be top quality and obviously made individually by hand. This target set will outlast me. I am very satisfied. I hope Atlas never compromises on quality. This is the best target/target stand source I have found in years of buying. I'm a customer for life.