AR500 Raccoon


Raccoon Fun Fact: Raccoons have high IQ's allowing them to undertake relatively complex problem solving and learn from past experiences. They also have special paws that allow them to grasp things, like trash can lids, so they can spread garbage all over your damn yard!

Customer Reviews

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jason hill

These targets are solid, great product at a great price!

Thomas Hildreth
The bomb

These targets are awesome! The accessories are really well made. I have found the last place for all my target needs! Thanks

loyde inlow
Animal/round 1/2 in thickness gong w stand

The items were received in California quite timely,within a week of delivery.
Just used them for the first time on 2/14/2021, the animal gongs held up quite well to a 120 gr 6.5 Creedmoor round at 170 yards. The only issue was chipping away of the paint from the impact. :-) Obviously, The pain cannot withstand the impact. It would be nice if it could. Overall, the products worked great, the gong stand with three-quarter inch EMT steel conduit was quite effective. Stability is good overall I am quite happy with the products. Would purchase them again.

Very high quality target

I purchased this along with the T-post hanger to start my own little steel range at home. I just came in from using them over lunch. These targets are realistic and a lot of fun. I could easily hear the ping with a .22 round hitting them. I need to hit it a few times with my hand guns but that’s next. Steel is great for a home range. Just walk down and ready to shoot.

Carl Reid

These targets are the beat you can buy at any price... I really mean they are a lot of fun and very durable.