15" Prairie Dog Spring Popper

  • CNC laser cut AR500 steel
  • Life sized Prairie Dog stands 15" tall
    • Spring loaded so it moves when hit
    • Target has everything you need to start shooting
    • Target does NOT come painted
    This target is a great alternative to the Prairie Dog Spring Popper if you're looking to save a little money. Just make sure you have the right kind of soil to support it. If it's too hard or too soft it won't properly support it.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews
    S. Rowe
    Fantastic target - don't forget the hammer

    First of all, my compliments on very fast shipping and good assembly instructions. It comes painted which is a big plus. I had a minor issue mounting the popper bracket as there was some raised metal close to the bend that prevented insertion of the bolts. A few swipes with a rat-tail file solved that problem. I did not have a hammer with me when I took this to the range the first time and could only insert the stakes about half way by hand. This is the 1/2" steel target that I set up at 570 yds. The first shot was with a 185gr 7mm Rem Mag and the entire target did a backflip simulating the real thing I guess. A subsequent trip put a lot more shots on target with the expected movement. I will note that if the bullet strikes the edge of the popper, there will be a burr raised on the edge. Hits off the edge do no damage. Count me a happy camper on this target.

    John Hoek
    Head shots only

    If you want a product that is going to work, and you want it to last, this is the man to talk to!!!!

    Great target

    Well made and functions great

    Patrick MoriartyDDS
    Great product

    Great quality, simplicity. Totally satisfied.

    Jack Clark
    AR500 1/2 inch Poppers

    I installed three poppers in 1/2 inch AR500 on our Gallery Pistol Cell. We installed them three weeks ago and the members love them.
    The delivery was fast, which helped us get the Cell up and going quick.