3D Printed Dope Card Holder - Printer File (.STL)

Temporarily out of stock. I Will have more ready to ship in less than 2 weeks. Place your order now and I'll ship them as soon as they're ready.

  • I print this with 2mm walls and top/bottom and 20% infill
  • Print the card holder with the open end on the print bed
  • Print the keeper with the completely flat side on the print bed

    Customer Reviews

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    Alex Mason
    Great print

    I printed it laying down to avoid breakage and then drilled and tapped to install a 1/4 20 thumb screw to tension the data card. Thank you for the file

    Rick Hill

    Awesome idea! Thank you for this! First time I printed my settings were not correct but once I fixed my error it turned out great and just what I needed!

    Nice Dope holder.

    These work well. Did have to do some cleanup to the print with a file and exacto knife. They do have to slide on from the end of your rail. Thanks for sharing these files.

    keith Stiltner

    Works excellent!! I also laser cut myself some clear laminate for cards. Holds them excellent. Only issue I had was I didn’t have any rail in front of scope mount. So I had to bend it pretty hard to get over rail. Would be much easier with scope off. Mine held tight enough I didn’t need lock.

    Thanks for time you put in on drawing this up!! Love it

    Dustin Drew
    Good concept

    The file did not fit on my pic rail with quite a bit of modification. However some design time on the computer and I was able to make it work for my application. Thank you and keep up the good work!