AR500 Spring Popper - 6" Colt Plate

  • CNC Laser cut AR500 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • Spring loaded target moves back when struck and automatically resets
  • Unique spring tension adjustment mechanism keeps the target working when our competitors springs have worn out
  • Legs get the target off the ground for great visibility
  • Target comes with everything you need to start shooting
  • Target comes unpainted but the base is painted/powdercoated black

    You've got the target in your crosshair as you gently squeeze the trigger. BAM! The target goes down... but wait... it's coming back up! SHOOT IT AGAIN! All the joy of watching your target fall in defeat without the hassle of having to go set it back up again. Hours of fun to be had by all!


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Richard Vanderstine. As usual a quality target

    I purchased the extra spring in the event the supplied one broke. I can see it will be quite some time before the original will fail. Easy to assemble with clear instructions, took me about 20 minutes. I have the 1/2 inch thick plate... Been setting it up at 150 yards. Hitting it with a all lead 405 grain cast lead 45/70...No damage .. Also a 278 grain cast bullet in 38/55. Then at 100 yards with a 200 grain cast 44/40. . NO DAMAGE. TO STEEL PLATE. . Have no concerns about purchasing this product ,it's a winner..

    William Shaner

    Great product and perfect for my backyard range. They had my target shipped the same day as I ordered it.

    Randall Whetzel

    Great product!

    John Howard
    Great little target

    Been using it at 100 yards with a 300 blackout and at 200 yards with a .223. Not a blemish after almost 300 rounds of each. Springs back after every shot, easily assembled in 10 it!

    Israel Castillo
    Amazing target!!!

    Very easy to put together!!! Hours of fun didn’t have to go down range and adjust once! Resets perfectly!!!