Cottontail Rabbit

  • CNC Laser cut 3/8" AR500 or 1/4" AR400 steel for clean, precise cuts
  • One 1/2" square mounting hole
  • Target measures 8" x 7-5/8"
  • Target does NOT come painted
  • Compatible mounts (not included)

     Peter cottontail won't stand a chance!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Donna Mann
    Don't work for me

    Finally got out to the range. Really enjoyed shooting the Rabbit and Squirrel Targets. Haven't shot the Striped Gopher and sitting Prairie Dog yet. We used .50 cal. muzzle loaders with 35 grains of 3F at 25 yards. Absolutely no damage to the targets other than "removing" the finish from the targets, leaving about a 2 to 3 inch bullet splash on the target.

    Thanks Brad for the fast and great service. Will most likely be buying a few more in the future.

    Jeffrey Kirkpatrick
    No idea yet

    Looks good, concerned that the bolt hole is in a thin part of the ear.

    Will know more after a few thousand rounds, but they keep bugging me for a review

    Michael Seidler
    Good ring..

    I've only shot it with a 9mm so far from about 25ft. Nice ring, nice motion and some lead splatter, but not a single cut or dent to be seen. Haven't had time to break out the Alaskan yet, but I'll get there. So far, great product. Am planning to order a chuck and a coyote in the coming weeks.

    Chance Weigand
    Rabbit Target

    Poor bunny never stood a chance! Brads awesome targets are more realistic than the competitions and a joy to shoot. Just tack one of these as an add on to your order! You won’t be disappointed.

    Rick Rush
    Best Steel Animal Targets

    I love shooting life size animal targets. The paper animal targets get expensive over time. Atlas has the best looking and largest selection of steel animal targets anywhere. Plus you can get most in either AR400 1/4” or AR500 3/8”. This target will pay for itself many times over compared to the cost of full scale paper targets. Plus you have the ring when hit. Very nice target. Thanks Brad!