AR500 Gong & Hanger Package

Target Diameter

    If you just want to get out shooting at an affordable price this is the way to do it. A premium target with a premium stand, simple as that.

    Customer Reviews

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    Jacob Caballero

    First I want to thank brad for calling me back when I wasn’t sure what package I was getting. Purchase 12” gong everything came as expected and more. Great product and great sound! Buy one now!!🤙

    Dr. James Nilson
    10" steel

    bought a 10" gong from Brad, came very well packaged and really quick. Well designed and precision cut. had it set up and on the back field in short time. 200yrd ringing steel with new 308win. very impressed. I will likely be purchasing some other targets from Brad. He's got a great product line..... wish i thought of it......

    Bob K.
    Excellent Workmanship, Customer Service and Communication

    This setup, and every target purchased, is top notch, excellent quality, and will last my lifetime. The customer service and communication from Brad is superb. You cannot, and will not, go wrong when ordering anything from this company.

    Lawrence Kaufman
    Expectations Exceeded

    Great sound! It is amazing! Great craftsmanship. I got the 1/2 thick 12" one and it RINGS!
    a giant step up for the range. I hope you sell hundreds! My son & I shoot the 500 meter rail and I glad I got the 12" and not a smaller one due to the sweet sound.

    Many thanks Brad!

    Christopher Thompson

    The targets are great, they are kinda customizable in the sense you can add a target easily if you wish. I like the set up. The quality was very good